Enter the alley of continual hurt

Are you up to the challenge? The PoliCromix battle engine is balanced enough to allow beating overpowered cards with a good strategy. Still, there is a level of randomness everywhere, so luck is also a factor to consider.


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Play in awesome boards

Cariñoland: Neon Mix: Motherboard
Cariñoland: Neon Mix: Stone Wall
Pits of the Fallen Souls: Pools of infinite hatred
Tavin|DAX: The city in the forest
Spiral of the damned: The pond of lost souls
Cariñoland: Neon Mix: Rocks and Gems
Tavin|DAX: The roar of the mining pickaxe
Cariñoland: Neon Mix: Rocks and Gems (alternate)
Cariñoland: Neon Mix: Brick Wall
Spiral of the damned: The misfortune of the violent

Own beautiful cards

Made with high quality graphics
Our card collections are made with a lot of love. Some of them entirely original and others from licensed assets, but all of them with hours of hard work to make them stand above any other trading cards collection.
Collections vary from each other
Our cards are built from base templates, but with variations between collections to enhance the differences. Each template has passed several inspection rounds before being deployed.
Some collections can be NFT-izable
We will integrate Web3 capabilities in the future. If you're into NFTs, you'll be able to nft-ize cards from some of our collections and push them to NFT marketplaces!

A multiverse of awesomeness

PoliCromix is a multiversal game. Each universe focus on a topic and has its own boards, characters and backstories.
Each universe has a set of generic boards that can be used for multiplayer fights, and those with a backstory allow you to unlock new boards that you can use to battle other users.
You can also unlock new characters and make them yours when fighting against our bots in story mode battles!

Latest news

PoliCromix beta 1 has entered the room

The moment has arrived. We prepared ourselves for it. We're wrapping the latest updates and leaping forward! We officially inaugurate the open beta stage and you're invited to join!

PoliCromix Weekly Newsletter - Issue #7

This week's PoliCromix newsletter highlights a fresh website redesign, teases an upcoming tournament with cash prizes, and offers an exclusive preview of the new "Scrolls of Identify" feature for training matches. The game is set for a beta launch on July

PoliCromix Weekly Newsletter - Issue #6

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PoliCromix Weekly Newsletter - Issue #5

Welcome Back to a New Edition of the PoliCromix Weekly! Dive into the Exciting News This Week’s Highlights: Smoother Windows Installer New Web Client for Instant Play Enhanced Android App Twitch Account Linking New Streamer Mhowii from the Philippines

App updated: version 0.0.6 released

This update includes a lot of fixes and optimizations, a new chapter of the Cariñoland storybook, and changes that will increase the inclusion of advanced cards when playing against our bots.