PoliCromix Roadmap


Initial universes We designed 7 playing universes for the first year, and three of them will bootstrap the project:
  • Cariñoland: Evil space ducks want to dominate the home planet of cute, shapeless blobs. Only you know who wins.
  • Pits of the Fallen Souls: A journey into the underworld like no other. Enter a pit and fight against demonic creations of different sorts, and if you survive, keep going until you reach the last one.
  • Clash on the Swamps: A dark, foggy, humid, hot, huge marsh you'll find irressistible to enter. Fight against swamp creatures and level up your cards with endless joy!
Q4/2023 - February 2024
Initial website The website you're viewing is in diapers. We'll give it a facelifting later on. February 2024 Open Alpha - App for desktop and Android The alpha phase of the game will be launched in the wild open. Everyone is invited to try it!

The Game Client will be a hybrid app for multiple platforms. The first version will be made to run on Windows/Mac/Linux desktops and Android powered devices.

  • News feed
  • Inventory manager
  • Shop: card packs available for purchase with SPs, PayPal and several cryptocurrencies through Blockchain Financial
  • PvP arena: matches for up to 8 players
  • Solo ("training") mode, against bots
March 2024
Crypto initiative Touch base with select cryptocurrency communities to create coin-focused universes with all elements proposed by themselves. March 2024 Card insurance Users with some pretty strong cards will surely want to protect them from takeover after losing any match. Insurance clips will prevent that. March 2024 Story mode A solo playing mode based on storybooks. Most universes will feature at least one storybook. April 2024 Cariñoland's base storybook An original story made by us.

Note: Chapters 1-2 are available already!
The other chapters will be released progressively.
Two new universes
  • Spiral of the damned is a dungeon with a story inspired by "The divine comedy".
  • Tavindax tells the story of a war between two races in a fantasy world.
Twich chat integration Twich users will be able to play quick matches against streamers over the chat. Q2/2024 Website redesign We'll dedicate some time to give a facelifting to our website before moving to beta. Q2/2024 Switch to Open Beta We plan to switch to beta after tuning and fixes reported by the initial users group. Q2/2024 Publishing in app stores We'll push our app in the Apple store, Google play and Steam. They will be released in beta, and they will be open for anyone that wants to try. Q2/2024 Two extra universes
  • The elemental dogma is a war between power-hungry human factions on a fantasy world.
  • Furr-o-topia narrates the struggle between different species in an antropomorphic animals world.
Rankings system Stats harvesters, ladder builders, etc. Q3/2024 Achievements system There will be an assortment of trophies that can be gathered by playing the game. Q3/2024 Marketplace There will be a P2P marketplace where users will be able to buy and sell cards with all cryptocurrencies supported by Blockchain Financial. Q3/2024 Final release At this point, further additions will come as features. Q3/2024 Farmicromix An area where cards can be sown and harvested. Combinations can be made to yield new, better cards. Q4/2024 Power ups engine Users will be able to add sockets to their cards, then gather components to craft orbs, runes and accessories for sticking them into card sockets to enhance them or imbue them with new attacks and skills.
  • There will be an area in the game that will host mini-games.
  • Users will earn tickets by playing in the mini-games.
  • Tickets will be exchanged for crafting components in the arcade booth.
  • Components will be used for crafting orbs, runes and accessories in the workshop.
  • Orbs, runes and accessories will be inserted into card sockets.
Basic blockchain support The initial approach is to allow creation of cards with crypto wallet addresses, relying on Blockchain Financial to bring the whole thing faster. 2025 Extended blockchain support 2025 World domination Users will get a piece of land somewhere in a world and protect its resources with excess cards. 2025 Opening for other creators We'll document everything that's needed for creating universes from scratch, then open our systems to everyone with great ideas that can be built for playing. 2025