Download PoliCromix


Notes for Windows, Mac and Android

  • On windows, you might get a warning from your antivirus because you're downloading an unsigned package. If you have reputation based checks from Windows Security (enabled by default), you just need to confirm the installer is OK and allow it to run.

  • Mac and Android packages are signed using the LAVA SoftWorks certificates, but they're not listed on app stores yet.

  • On the Mac, you'll have to right click on the DMG file and click on "Open".
    You'll get a warning about the file being downloaded from the internet and stating it might be harmful, but it isn't. Just confirm opening and you'll be able to install it.
    Once installed, you'll have to right click on the AOC icon in the apps folder and click on "Open".
    Once you approve it you'll be able to open it from the launchpad without issues.

To run on linux:

  1. Download the tar file.
  2. Extract it in the place where you want to run it (E.G. ~/bin).
    You'll end up with a folder named policromix.
  3. Open a terminal in that folder.
  4. Run the next command: bash
  5. That's all. You'll have the PoliCromix app icon added on your menu or launchpad.

Version changelog

  • Adjusted appearance of main view tabs.
  • Added per-universe ladders.
  • Removed unused tabs from the user profile page.
  • Filtered unlocked story based boards from the training zone.
  • Added listing of story based boards that have been unlocked in the arena.
  • Added a check to prevent a full stop without warning when getting storybook scene markers.
  • Added a check to prevent spoiling unseen chapters in story mode.
  • Fixed wording issue in the story based battle info page.
  • Added card requirements in the story based battle info page.
  • Fixed glitch in dialogs that might eat up some lines.
  • Added padding at the sides to the story dialog view.
  • Added update of the storybook map after ending a detached story based match.

Assets library updated:

  • Added some internal info to elements in the chapter 1 of the base storybook for better management.
  • Tuned some captions and descriptions in Cariñoland base storybook.
  • Renamed some boards from the Cariñoland base storybook chapter 1 to suit the narrative.
  • Adjusted level ranges of special soap cards.
  • Added Cariñoland storybook chapter 2.
Full changelog