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We can't hide our excitement! We've worked hard to finish the implementation of the "Story Mode" in our game!

We added the first storybook being made: "All you need is ducks", from Cariñoland. You can see the details of this storybook in the catalog.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to see:

Only the first chapter is available for playing right now. Chapter 2 is already in the making, and we'll release it as soon as we finish it.

How it works

  • Some universes will have at least one storybook.
  • Each storybook is divided into chapters.
  • Each chapter is divided in scenes.
  • Each scene can include one or more steps: a video, a dialog with an NPC and a battle (yes, they're kinda a mandatory at the end of each scene).

As a rule of thumb, each storybook starts with an intro video, and each chapter has also an intro video.

Another rule of thumb: battles happen in exclusive boards! Chapter 1 of Cariñoland's base storybook features the next five:

Note: the screenshots above are just references. When you engage in battle within the story, you'll get to play with specific card characters as designed for the point in time of each battle.

More to come

We're working in two new universes, and both of them will feature base storybooks!

Fixes and additions

Now, there are other fixes and additions to this release:

  • Fixed wrong life value shown in the single card view.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the main view to be not shown when switching accounts.
  • Tuned URL replacements on the cards helper.
  • Reduced distribution package sizes by removing localized board backgrounds. Now all elements are downloaded from the servers when needed.
  • Other minor fixes.


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