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We're happy to announce a new release of our alpha branch!

Some bugs were squashed, a handful of functions were tuned, an annoying thing was modified, and two features were added.

We removed the assets preloading function from the desktop app

We added a switch on the app configuration that allows us to turn the assets preloading function on/off on the desktop environment.

It was present for android, but we added it to the desktop to make the app start faster and load things as needed. We plan to keep it this way if we don't get backfired by bad user experiences or we come up with a better internal asset management.

Card insurance added

As we mentioned in our roadmap, some early birds might get rare, collectible or even unique cards when buying premium packages. In order to lower the risk of losing them in a match, we implemented card insurance. It works as simple as:

  1. Purchase a "clips" pack. You'll find them in the shop.

  2. Add at least one clip to a card. Each clip you add will protect the card from being taken by any opponent if you lose one match.

  3. Go out and fight!
1. Purchase a "clips" pack in the shop.

2. Add clips to the card you want to protect.

3. That's all!

Clips balance was added to the wallet

You can add as many clips as you want to a card, so you don't have to sweat for a while.

When you lose a match, insured cards will be taken out of the formula, so the winner will take from you the amount of cards defined as prize by the board from the cards you left uninsured.

For every match you lose, one clip is removed from the insured cards used in the match.

Note: you can't insure an entire deck. Each board defines the prize for the winner, so, when creating or joining a match, you'll be warned if you exceed the max amount of insured cards you can use as defined by the board.

At the moment, you can get the next packs from the Pandora's Box, all of them with a great discount, paying through PayPal or with select cryptos!

If you want to pay with minor cryptos, take a look at Pandora's Wallet. We'd set great prices for you!

Damaged cards need to rest

When any of your cards receive damage or is killed during a fight, it will need some time afterward to regain its full health. You'll see a sleeping icon on top of resting cards in your inventory.

If you see this, hit the card to see details.

Here you'll see how much it needs to rest.

Resting times depend on the kind of card. At the moment of release, they are set as listed below:

  • Free cards: 60 mins per card level.
  • Retail cards: 20 mins per card level.
  • Insured cards: half the calculated time.
  • Killed cards: 2x the calculated time.

This feature was present since the first release, but it was dormant. We made the proper changes on the server side to have it working like a clock.

What's next?

We'll start the next round of changes at the end of the next week.

We're sticking to our roadmap, so, expect great additions:

  • Basic blockchain support: create cards for free based on wallet addresses.
  • Story mode: we're close to complete the Cariñoland base storybook. It will be the first one we'll deploy.

The technical changes list

  • Added card name and progress bar to deck thumbnails in match related forms.
  • Added card insurance support.
  • Tuned some language captions.
  • Made the chat stay in the lobby instead of switching when universe is changed.
  • Made the arena multiversal: no matter which universe you're in, the matches table will list matches from all universes.
    Note: a universe selector was added on the filters section.
  • Un-nagged compliment bag toasts.
  • Added configurable assets download switch to speedup app start (and turned it on).
  • Changed card resting icon and added remaining resting time in the card view modal.
  • Fixed filtering controls issue on the inventory that caused empty select lists unless all cards were viewed first.
  • Added inventory/deck building filtering controls for insured state and condition.
  • Adjusted the shop to show new pack listings.
  • Other minor fixes.

Assets library updated:

  • Optimized character profiles in all universes.
  • Added insurance wallet specs on the realm params.
  • Fixed issues in some 'Pits' characters.

Server side:

  • Added resting support for damaged cards after battle.

Are you ready to try the new stuff?

Go to the downloads page

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