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All of us (the staff) have been waiting patiently for this release. Here we go:

Cariñoland chapter 3 is out!

Chapter 2 had a nice cliffhanger (so we say). But chapter 3 is, as Roos Tarpals said to Jar Jar Binks, "ouch time".

We won't say anything else to avoid spoiling you the adventure. But we'll show you a board shot to curb your enthusiasm:

Yes, you can expect new characters being unlocked

The shot above shows advanced cards coming up on that board. But it isn't the only one: we reviewed the packages for the bots on all boards that have training mode enabled. And that includes all the boards of the story mode. Also changed prize specs and risen prize events from 3 to 5 per day.

Fixes included in this release

  • Changed default round time to 60s in the match creation form.
  • Added checks to avoid hanging when a locally saved account is no longer available on the server.
  • Removed unneeded turn pass/match giveup buttons.
  • Added missing message when a loser is waiting for the winner to pick up one of their cards, and they hit the "Keep waiting" button.
  • Added automatic close of storybook video steps on finishing.
  • Fixed issues in the system message sent on the in-battle chat when a card is flipped.
  • Added color support to storybook dialog blocks to differentiate speaking characters.
  • Added forced removal of board audio tracks on match stop to prevent music overlapping.
  • Storybook dialog adjustments:
    • Slowed down lines rendering.
    • Moved all speaking names to the left.
    • Added dialog pause/resume button.
  • Fixed music glitches when toggling app visibility.
  • Minor cleanup.

Updates to the assets library

  • Reviewed cards assigned to bots in story based battles and fixed level issues.
    This will allow certain cards that weren't included previously to be included (if they pass internal directives), but ignoring the player level.
    Those scenes that recommended/required certain player level for best experience were updated and the player level note was removed.
  • Colored storybook dialog blocks.
  • Updated player position character for chapter 2 of Cariñoland's storybook.

The server has also received updates

  • Added allowance of unlimited prizes on training matches for streamers and higher level accounts.
  • Added prize pick/no pick info on the turn actions/consequences when the match is finishing.
  • Improved the matches browser.

A problem is arising on Android

The game is getting a little bit heavy. While testing the packages before uploading them, we noticed that the Android APK is having performance issues.

We tested it in a handful of devices and:

  • Low end devices struggle to open the game.
  • Mid end devices struggle to switch screen views. Playing a match is really hard.
  • High end devices have smooth navigation, but they struggle when playing a match.

That being said, when we opened the game in a test environment directly on the web browser on Android (we tried it in Chrome and the Samsung browser) and it was really smooth in all cases.

Still, we need to have a game that is playable in most Android devices, or it will be rejected from Google Play.

We didn't test it on iOS yet. We hope it goes better.

Anyway, we'll start with digging deeper after this release. We'll let you know how far can we go on this matter.


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