App updated: version 0.0.5 released

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Alpha version 0.0.5 is here! Here's the list of things included:

Changes and additions

  • Adjusted appearance of main view tabs.
  • Added per-universe ladders.
  • Removed unused tabs from the user profile page.
  • Filtered unlocked story based boards from the training zone.
  • Added listing of story based boards that have been unlocked in the arena.
  • Added a check to prevent a full stop without warning when getting storybook scene markers.
  • Added a check to prevent spoiling unseen chapters in story mode.
  • Fixed wording issue in the story based battle info page.
  • Added card requirements in the story based battle info page.
  • Fixed glitch in dialogs that might eat up some lines.
  • Added padding at the sides to the story dialog view.
  • Added update of the storybook map after ending a detached story based match.

Cariñoland base storybook changes and additions

  • Added some internal info to elements in the chapter 1 for better management.
  • Tuned some captions and descriptions.
  • Renamed some boards from chapter 1 to suit the narrative.
  • Added chapter 2.

Other content changes:

  • Adjusted level ranges of special Cariñoland soap cards.


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