There is a new shop with great discounts for select altcoins!

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We decided to give a push to some altcoins

Let's face it: the rise in price of Bitcoin is giving major altcoins a big hype, and not all altcoins can easily go in the same speed.

We did two things to help those altcoins keep up in our project.

A new shop has been created

On Pandora's box, the pay-with-crypto enabled shop, we left only major coins when using BCF as payment gateway: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin Qtum and Digibyte. PayPal can also be used in Pandora's box by the way.

Then we created a second shop: Pandora's wallet. Here you will find packages with the same contents as in Pandora's box, but there are three major differences:

  1. Product names were changed to avoid confusions. We kept the same package colors for quick visual relationships though.
  2. Other altcoins were included for paying. You'll be able to purchase packs with the altcoins that were removed from Pandora's box.
  3. We'd set discounts on Pandora's wallet! Right now you'll see all praces with discounts from now on to the end of the year, but discounts will be permanent.

You can check the differences in the next shots:

The "Amethist Pack" on Pandora's box

The "Start Here" pack on Pandora's wallet

Discounts vary depending on the package, but they will surely help you if you want to buy things from our shop without emptying your precious wallets.

We added the list of available coins for paying on each package

As you might have noticed in the shots above, we added below the package description which coins can be used to pay for the pack. That'll help a lot when deciding which assets you want to invest in your pack purchases!

We hope this helps the coin communites!

Our decision was purely made to show some appreciation to the crypto communities bound together through BCF during this wild rollercoaster.

We're in the same cart with you guys!


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