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We started this project several years ago. Now, after a lot of setbacks, we were finally able to release it. Please say hi to PoliCromix!

What is this all about?

  • PoliCromix is a digital trading cards game made from a different perspective: it is simple, with a very simple ruleset that doesn't require to overthink strategy in gameplay.

  • It can be played for free. You earn tokens for playing, and you can use those tokens to buy cool stuff on the in-game shop.

  • You can also earn cards by playing against our bots and defeating other users.

  • Your cards grow when you use them in battle, and some of them might unlock abilities with time.

  • You grow as player on each victory. One of the key advantages of this is that when you purchase card packs from the shop, they will come matching your player level, so you won't need to suffer leveling them up to fit your needs.

  • And the best thing of all: you won't need to sell a kidney to play!

We're launching it in Alpha stage

It is important to mention that we're launching the game in Alpha stage, runing in a production environment. This means that it is a working product that though it is stable, it might have some bugs, and there are missing features that are in active development.

We decided to do it this way in order to get some input from people outside of our staff and close relatives who helped testing it. It is a bit hard to get out of our comfort zone, but we need that you, who are reading this, let us know if all the time and resources we've been investing in our game is worth something.

Available features

Small download size, with fast assets download

The downloadable package weights 100 MB or less (depending on the platform), and the assets library is downloaded from the game itself once launched for the first time. This process takes a few minutes and is needed when the assets library is updated.

This has been done because asset library weights more than the app, and it doesn't need to be re-downloaded, but just refreshed when the app is updated.

No account is needed to play

When you run the game for the first time, a guest, anonymous account is created in our server. You're given a random name, and you can play with that account without restrictions.

The only problem you might have is that, if your device crashes, you'll loose everything you achieved. So if you like the game and keep it, you'll have to edit the account and personalize it so you can recover your progress and precious belongings after any catastrophic eventuality.

There are three «universes» to play

A universe in PoliCromix is made with a set of boards, characters and stories that dance around a specific topic. This initial version includes 3 universes:

  • Cariñoland narrates the story of a duck god that travels across the universe looking for a world that accepts its love and loves it in return, even if they don't want to.
    • It has 11 boards that support melee battles from 2 up to 8 players.
    • 6 of the boards can be used in solo ("training") battles.
    • It has a collection of 133 characters divided in 5 factions. Well... more like 4½ since one of the factions is another one in disguise.
    • It has a base storyline, but that's not yet ready. We're finishing touches and will have it ready for the next release.
    • All the characters are original by us! We created and designed them, then BoboX art used his wonderful drawing skills to bring them all to life.

  • Pits of the Fallen Souls is a kind of dungeon. It doesn't have a base storyline (well, not like we've planned for Cariñoland), but it is a great universe for growing your cards.
    • Like Cariñoland, it has 11 boards, and 6 of them are training ready.
    • Boards also support melee battles from 2 up to 8 players.
    • It has a collection of 56 characters, all of them perfect for the job.

  • Clash on the Swamps is a dungeon too.
    • It has a smaller amount of boards: only 6, but all of them are training ready.
    • All board support melee battles for 2 up to 5 players.
    • It has 57 characters, all of them fitting the universe's theme.

Take a look at the catalog for full information about each universe, its boards and cards.

The cards are at the center of the their universe

As mentioned before, cards are focused on the universe's theme. You use them on a board to attack opponent cards, and if one of the opponents attacks one of your cards, they might be able to fight back.

A blob from Cariñoland

A Spirit of Ancient Bones from The Pits

A Cariñopato from Cariñoland

An evil soap from Cariñoland

An eyeless shark from The Swamps

A Negapato from Cariñoland

  • Each card has a personality and a set of basic attributes: life, mana/energy and attacks/skills.
  • They're octagonal, and they can have from 1 to 8 arrows. Each arrow is an attack direction and a defense from that side.
  • They have hierarchies, and while most of them are minions, there are bosses, kings, avatars and even gods.
  • They can be of a 'normal' set class, or they can be part of a collection. You might find rare and unique cards too.

How to get cards

You get some for free on joining!

Launch the game, hit on 'Play'

A welcome gift is prepared for you!

At the moment, you get 50 SPs (our in-game virtual currency) and a pack of 6 assorted cards from all universes.

You can get extra compliment gifts when you explore our game!

Take cards out of our bots' hands

When you enter the "Training Zone" of any universe, you can pick a fight against one of our bots using one of the available boards. The next video shows a quick match and how, at the end, you take a card out of the bot's hand as prize. Just take a look at the next video to know how to do it:

Take cards out of opponents' hands

In the same way you earn cards against our bots, you can take cards off of your opponents in PvP matches.

But you can also loose cards if you loose a match!

Each board has its own rules, and they're always visible in the board/play mode selection area on the match creation form:

So, before launching yourself to create a match, make sure you have enough cards left to keep playing!

Earn SPs by playing and buy card packages from the shop!

Every time you win a match, you earn an amount of SPs.

"SP" stands for "Silver Piece", and it is a virtual currency (note: not a cryptocurrency) that is used inside the game and has no monetary value (I.E. you can't buy or sell SPs) and it is mostly used in the in-game shop.

Visiting the in-game shop

Details about a 'Goodies' pack

So if you're getting out of cards, you can use the SPs you earned and buy a couple of packs on the shop. You'll find different packs at different prizes, all at the reach of you SPs wallet.

Play on your desktop or Android device

Our game is available for the next platforms:

  • Windows 10, 11 (64 bits), installable or portable
  • MacOS 12.6 (Monterey) and up, compatible with Apple Silicon chips
  • Linux intel/AMD 64 bits
  • Android 10 (Pie) and up

On desktops, PoliCromix runs on a Celeron processor or similar with 8GB of RAM and around 300 MB of free hard disk space.

On Android, any phone or device in the mid end will do right. Low end devices will struggle with the graphic load. Still, you can tune the settings and turn some things off to allow PoliCromix to run.

A final word

PoliCromix is still in development. We'll move forward as fast as possible to bring up missing features like:

  • Card insurance (so you don't risk to loose any precious card you'd put effort in growing)
  • A P2P marketplace, so you can sell strong cards and monetize the time you've spent on them
  • Blockchain integration and NFT-zation of cards for sending them out to some NFT ready marketplaces
  • And a lot more!

Take a look at our roadmap for full information.

Thank you for being here!

We're proud of what we're doing and we're thankful with people like you, that kept reading up to this point. We're here for you, and we'll do everything as humanly possible to deliver a product you'll enjoy.

The PoliCromix staff.


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