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Somewhere around 2020, we drafted plans for blockchain integration in PoliCromix.

Well, the idea predates back from 2014 - during the hype of the WhitePuma.net tipping app for Facebook. Back then, during one of the attempts to bring PoliCromix to life, we implemented purchase of card packs through WhitePuma's «Universal Widget». We didn't have time for the full implementation, and a year after that, WhitePuma.net closed down.

The original plans.

Back to 2020: the plan had 3 features:

  1. Allow pack purchases with all supported currencies of Blockchain Financial, using them as payment gateway.
  2. Allow the users to create cards for free based on cryptocurrency wallet addresses.
  3. Turn cards into NFTs.

You can see the original plan here.

Buying card packs with crypto: implemented.

Nowadays, the first feature is present in PoliCromix:  two of our shops, Pandora's Box and Pandora's Wallet, allow users to buy card packs using their Blockchain Financial wallets. Multiple coins can be used for one payment on a single order.

The next cryptos -among others- can be used to purchase stuff in our shops:

More coins will be added as soon as they're listed in Blockchain Financial.

Creating cards from any wallet address: coming next.

This feature is a really cool idea, and we're going to make it and release it. Maybe not in-game, but it will be surely included here in our website.

The premise is simple: any wallet address from any cryptocurrency can be used as base to create a potentially unique PoliCromix card. There is more to it, but we'll provide deeper details in the future.

Side note: it is included in our roadmap.

Convert cards as NFTs: partially done.

As we mention in our about page, PoliCromix runs on top of the Kobol engine. Army of Crypto too, but it is fully NFT based: all cards are NFTs, built on top of the OnixCoin blockchain.

So the tech is already present in the engine, but not currently implemented in PoliCromix for two particular reasons:

  1. We will implement NFT creation in two blockchains: HTMLcoin and OnixCoin:

    • Both are ERC20 compatible, and we have the knowledge to do it right.

    • HTMLcoin has the Libra.codes NFT marketplace available, so if you NFT-ize a card in the HTML/Althash blockchain, you will be able to sell it at Libra.codes.

    • OnixCoin has its own NFT marketplace, and it has a bunch of AOC cards listed for sale already. If you NFT-ize a card in the Onix Blockchain, you'll be able to sell it at the Onixcoin marketplace.

  2. We'll push apps to both Apple App Store and Google Play.

    Before that, we need to make some adjustments for PoliCromix to be compatible with their policies and allow our users to mint their cards as NFTs while abiding to each house rules.

But there is another plan, and if you're in crypto, you'll love it!

Some time ago we made a group in Telegram and pulled in some team members from Blockchain Financial listed coins. We explained our plans and they liked them. Now that we finally have an initial release, it is time to start working out with the crypto community making fully fledged, coin-themed universes!

So, we currently have 3 playing universes:

Evil space ducks want to conquer the home planet of cute, shapeless blobs.

A journey into the underworld like no other.

A dark, foggy, humid, hot, huge marsh you'll find irressistible to enter.

Now, our idea is to take a coin, then, with the help of their community members, build a fantastic story around it, think on great board designs, and, above all, spawn a roster of cute little mascots that depict the vision, mission, values, and, Why not? personalities around the users and staff!

Requirements for a coin-themed universe

  • A catchy story to serve as base.

    Cariñoland's base storyline (currently under development) has several chapters:

    1. The arrival of the Cariñopatos (duck gods coming from the space) to Blobosphere, home planet of the «blobs».
    2. An indoctrination campaign to make the blobs love and worship the ducks.
    3. The blobs discover that the ducks have been using masks, hiding their true nature, and that triggers a war.
    4. The blobs make «evil soaps» to wash out the wrongdoing of the ducks.
    5. The soaps fail, so the blobs create duck clones that end up being far more powerful.
    6. The war intensifies... and... well, you'll have to wait to see what happens next 😊

    Now, once the base story is done, scenarios and characters will be neded.

  • Scenarios for the story mode and boards for melee battles.

    All the universes require boards to play, and scenarios in the base story narrative are also boards (because there has to be a good deal of fights).

    If you take a look at the catalog, you'll see that every universe has a bunch of boards listed. Those are the melee ones, used for playing solo (in the training zone) and  PvP battles.

  • Characters: both design and artwork.

    We talk here about mascots based on or inspired by the coin. Any style fits in: cartoon (like Cariñoland characters), anime, photo-realistic, etc.

    It is up to the community consensus to decide what the mascots be like.

Implementation and costs go on our behalf.

  • We'll be behind from the start to the end.

    We'll provide asistance in organizing everything needed to bring each coin-themed universe to life.

  • We'll pay for artwork if needed.

    If nobody in the coin community has any drawing experience, we'll ask our trusted artists to get the job done. And we'll absorb the cost.

  • We'll deploy the universe in our app.

    And we'll promote it with bells and whistles!

But that's not all!

  • A dedicated shop will be added.

    We'll feature a shop where users will be able to buy card packs of their favorite coin, and there will be discounts if they pay their purchases with that coin.

  • There will be in-game giveaways!

    We plan to acquire some of the universe's coins in the open market and then give them out as prizes for in-game events, E.G. after winning a match.

  • Listing in Blockchain Financial might be included!

    Since we'll rely on BCF's capability for wallet integrations, all coins and tokens supported by BCF will also be available in our platform.
    If you want to include a coin that isn't currently supported by BCF, we'll check with them the possibility of adding it with no costs involved.

Do you want to jump in? Let us know!

You can reach us out on any of our communication channels:



Or open a ticket at the
LAVA SoftWorks HelpDesk


Or just drop a comment on the section below. We'll reply ASAP!


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