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A great pack to own opponents! You'll get strong minions and bosses, plus chances to get a card from a collection set, a king and even a stronger boss!

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Full description

This pack comes with 14 cards from all published universes using the next directives:

  • 10% chance to get a slightly nerfed (-) minion or boss from a collection set.
  • 10% chance to get a slightly nerfed (-) king.
  • 20% chance to get a highly enhanced (+++) boss.
  • 2 mildly enhanced (++) bosses.
  • 2 slightly enhanced (+) bosses.
  • 6 highly enhanced (+++) minions.
  • Up to 4 mildly enhanced (++) minions.

Each of the cards will born with experience enough to fit your actual player level.

Pay using one or more of the next cryptocurrencies:
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