PoliCromix Weekly Newsletter - Issue #1

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Welcome to PoliCromix!

We're thrilled to introduce PoliCromix, a digital trading card game that combines simplicity with strategic gameplay. After several years of development and overcoming numerous setbacks, we are excited to release our game in the Alpha stage. PoliCromix offers a unique experience where you can earn tokens and cards, battle against bots and other players, and grow your cards and character through gameplay.

Key Features of PoliCromix

  • Free to Play: Earn tokens and cards through gameplay without spending money.
  • No Account Needed: Start playing immediately with an anonymous guest account.
  • Player Progression:  Cards and player level up through battles, ensuring balanced competition.
  • Multiple Universes(3 By Now): Explore Cariñoland, Pits of the Fallen Souls, and Clash on the Swamps, each with unique boards, characters, and stories.
  • Small Download Size: The game package is under 100 MB, and it downloads assets as needed.
  • Cross-Platform Availability:Play on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android devices

PoliCromix This Week Updates

  • Update Version 0.0.6 Released:   
    • This latest update introduces Cariñoland Chapter 3, bringing new characters and advanced cards. The update also includes fixes such as changing the default round time to 60 seconds, adding automatic close of storybook video steps, and resolving music glitches. Additionally, the assets library has been reviewed, updating cards assigned to bots and fixing level issues.
    • Card Insurance is Out. Players can now Protect rare, collectible, or unique cards in premium packages.
      • How it Works:

        1. Purchase a "clips" pack from the shop.
        2. Add clips to the card you want to protect.
        3. Insured cards are safeguarded from being taken by opponents if you lose a match.
        4. For each loss, one clip is removed from the insured cards used in the match.
      • Weekly Streams

        Join our weekly live streams where we showcase gameplay, share tips and strategies, and answer your questions. Hosted by community favorites like Rabbit Larry, these streams offer an engaging way to learn more about PoliCromix and connect with fellow players. Check our schedule on the website for details.

In-Depth with Rabbit Larry.

Rabbit Larry, one of our prominent community streamers, shares her experience: "The community hasn’t really said much yet as it’s fairly new to them, but they seem to enjoy watching me play, which is always a good sign. I came over from Army of Crypto and am so glad I did. I love that you can play against the AI to get to know the game without feeling pressured to play against others right away. The story mode and different universes add variety and depth. I’m excited to see it grow and glad I get the chance to stream it!" Larry also mentioned that she hasn't faced any real issues with PoliCromix, finding it smoother than other games she streams for giveaways.

Referral Program:

The referral program is still running with amazing benefits and prizes up for grabs. Generate your referral code and invite players to join PoliCromix. As players use your referral code and level up their cards to level 3, you get a $0.20 reward and 5% from our net profit on your guest purchases in the Pandora's box shop.
Get ready to level up, refer, and win!

Bugs & Known Issues

Android Performance:

The Android APK is facing performance issues, particularly on low and mid-end devices. While high-end devices handle navigation smoothly, they still struggle during matches. We are working on a web browser version on Android for a smoother experience. We are working on optimizing the APK to ensure playability across most devices and will update you on our progress.

Join the game, receive a welcome gift of SPs and a pack of cards, and dive into battles to earn more rewards. Engage in PvP matches to compete for your opponents' cards or challenge bots in training zones.

Future Developments

  • In development:
    • We started to work on the redesign of the website and new intro videos for cariñoland's storybook and they will be deployed within the next couple of weeks.
  • Future Plans

As we progress from Alpha, expect new features such a P2P marketplace, blockchain integration, and more. Check our roadmap for detailed plans.

Join the Adventure

We're excited to have you on this journey. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and deliver a game you’ll love.

Stay tuned for more updates and tips in our weekly newsletter.


Oliseh Genesis.

Project Manager, 

The PoliCromix Team

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